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David Farland's Writing Tips

In a short story, every scene is a link in a chain and none can afford to be weak.
DavidFarland - 9/15/2015
“Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience.” ~ George-Louis de Buffon
DavidFarland - 9/4/2015
Everything you need to know to get started—and get rockin'—on Wattpad.
DavidFarland - 9/2/2015
There are many ways to transport a reader, but however you do it—just do it.
DavidFarland - 8/25/2015
The supposed "rules" of editing and when it's okay to break them.
DavidFarland - 8/18/2015
Try this one trick to beat writer's block for good.
DavidFarland - 8/13/2015
Have you found your tribe of writers yet?
DavidFarland - 8/11/2015
Writing contests are an excellent way to hone your skills and get noticed.
DavidFarland - 8/5/2015
Your story must have a beating heart in order to come to life.
DavidFarland - 8/4/2015
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world." ~ Einstein
DavidFarland - 7/31/2015
Is your story memorable?
DavidFarland - 7/28/2015
What traits do the most successful authors possess?
DavidFarland - 7/21/2015
Discover the amazing program, Grammarly, and enter to win a 6-month Premium Membership!
DavidFarland - 7/17/2015
Everything in life has a cost—your stories should broker no exception.
DavidFarland - 7/13/2015
How do you develop as a writer? It requires a balance of study and practice.
DavidFarland - 7/8/2015
Many great stories share "the loneliness problem". Should you include it in yours?
DavidFarland - 7/1/2015
As a creative person, you are capable of finding unique solutions to the challenges you face.
DavidFarland - 6/26/2015
Dave's thoughts on the challenges facing indie authors today.
DavidFarland - 6/23/2015
When you put complex characters in conflict, you’ve got a recipe for a powerful story, one loaded with ups and downs, with misconception and betrayals, with shocking surprises and dreaded possibilities.
DavidFarland - 6/12/2015
In order for a story to work, there must be a good deal of truth in it.
DavidFarland - 6/9/2015
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