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Update on the plagiarist case.
KamiMMcArthur - 9/23/2014
I've read dozens of articles and books on characterization, all written by well-meaning people, and personally I found them befuddling.
KamiMMcArthur - 9/19/2014
Very often, I get asked, “What can I do to support my son/daughter/spouse as a writer?” Of course, each writer’s needs are different, but here are some things you might think about.
KamiMMcArthur - 9/15/2014
Your endorsement of a book is the only one that matters to your friends and acquaintances.
KamiMMcArthur - 9/10/2014
Many new writers struggle with characterization. If you’re trained in the literary mainstream, you’re taught that stories are about characters. In other words, the character is the “focus” of the story. That’s simply not true. Some stories do focus on characters, but many of the best tales don’t.
KamiMMcArthur - 9/9/2014
Over the last few days I’ve been talking about some of the tawdry practices that go on in our industry, and I’ve been wanting to talk about rules of conduct when giving reviews.
KamiMMcArthur - 9/8/2014
This past few weeks I’ve been looking at the business practices of many of our authors and felt pretty overwhelmed by just how nasty things have gotten. As a reader, I’ve always been careful about what I buy, but so many authors are misrepresenting their own works, that lately I’ve been considering whether I should stop reading or promoting indie works at all.
KamiMMcArthur - 9/5/2014
In perhaps the most shocking case of plagiarism I’ve ever heard of, an elementary school teacher in Utah has been named in a lawsuit for allegedly plagiarizing the work of other authors, adding porn to the stories, and then using false identities (called “sock puppets”) to threaten and attack those who uncovered her schemes.
KamiMMcArthur - 9/3/2014
I promised a couple of weeks ago to write a short series of articles about some of the abuses that I’ve seen taking place in the current market, particularly online.
KamiMMcArthur - 9/2/2014
When you’re writing a long novel, sometimes as a writer you feel that you are getting stuck in a rut, that your prose has become repetitious, so it is important to find little ways to vary your work.
KamiMMcArthur - 8/25/2014
Many writers never have a problem with writer’s block, and so we sometimes say, “There’s no such thing.” But that’s not quite right.
KamiMMcArthur - 8/22/2014
Sometimes when describing a thing, it is almost easier to describe what it is not. For example, consider the first paragraph to Tolkien’s The Hobbit.
KamiMMcArthur - 8/19/2014
People are attracted to motion, particularly physical motion.
KamiMMcArthur - 8/15/2014
I sometimes wonder what God would say if He were to release new commandments to writers. I think that the first commandment might be something like this: Thou shalt not post fake reviews of novels that thou hast not read.
KamiMMcArthur - 8/13/2014
Last week a longtime acquaintance of mine, Rachel Ann Nunes, became a victim of the most disgusting incident I've seen in my thirty years as a writer.
KamiMMcArthur - 8/11/2014
A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the dispute between Amazon and Hachette. This week, a large number of traditional authors have put together a petition.
KamiMMcArthur - 8/8/2014
I’m not sure, but I suspect that writers and other artists tend to be emotionally volatile. In part, I believe that we create in order to try to express ourselves using heightened communication—our art. Yet there is a danger in trying too hard to express emotions. Let me explain. . . .
KamiMMcArthur - 8/6/2014
In one sense, every story that is made up, or imaginary, is a fantasy, and a hundred years ago, if a writer were discussing fantasy, he would have used the term fantasy that way.
KamiMMcArthur - 8/4/2014
Horror—the art of scaring people. Or is it?
KamiMMcArthur - 7/30/2014
I’ve had a number of readers ask about the Amazon-Hachette debate.
KamiMMcArthur - 7/25/2014
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