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David Farland's Writing Tips

Is the publishing business all luck? I don't think so ...
DavidFarland - 5/18/2015
How to make the impossible not only possible, but extraordinary.
DavidFarland - 5/15/2015
A list of ideas to consider as you prepare to write, or revise, a scene.
DavidFarland - 5/11/2015
The most productive writers are the ones who get excited by their work.
DavidFarland - 5/8/2015
You may not realize it, but as writers we are all on the same journey. We all start as “wannabes,” hoping to amaze audiences with our eloquence and powerful tales, and so we set out on a quest to become “writers.” Some of us take only a few steps along the path before we give up. Others become legends.
DavidFarland - 5/6/2015
Editors fill their “stables” with stories, not authors.
DavidFarland - 5/4/2015
Get tips from bestselling author and instructor-to-the-stars, David Farland, on how to write a bestselling novel.
DavidFarland - 5/1/2015
DavidFarland - 4/29/2015
Introducing the new website!
DavidFarland - 4/28/2015
What story treasures do you have buried deep inside you?
DavidFarland - 4/24/2015
12 types of obstacles to consider when creating try/fail cycles.
DavidFarland - 4/17/2015
Everyone judges a story's merits differently.
DavidFarland - 4/14/2015
Give your readers what they crave: surprise!
DavidFarland - 4/10/2015
Develop the attitude of an artist to improve your storytelling.
DavidFarland - 4/8/2015
As artists, we need to learn to invest our souls into every piece that we write.
DavidFarland - 4/3/2015
For a novelist, the idea of writing short stories sometimes seems quite difficult. But with a few simple strategies, it can be easy.
DavidFarland - 3/27/2015
How to create resonance in your writing.
DavidFarland - 3/23/2015
How to ensure your words actually mean something.
DavidFarland - 3/20/2015
Discover the two main strategies to hooking a reader.
DavidFarland - 3/13/2015
Will your story make your reader a better person?
DavidFarland - 3/9/2015
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