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David Farland's Writing Tips

The writing world is changing quickly, and that means some things that used to be taboo are now all right.
DavidFarland - 2/27/2015
A plot doesn’t have to be brilliant for a story to work. It just needs to have some basic components
DavidFarland - 2/23/2015
Certain works of fiction are designed to appeal to readers with strong belief systems. For example, most large religions have enough followers so that a few storytellers can become popular enough to make a living writing to people of that denomination.
DavidFarland - 2/16/2015
I’ve begun talking with an attorney. We’re looking at creating a non-profit organization that would simply “insure” authors against plagiarism.
DavidFarland - 2/11/2015
Many new writers don’t know when to stop polishing a manuscript and move on to the next.
DavidFarland - 2/9/2015
The truth is, most art isn’t very good. Theodore Sturgeon once pointed out that “90% of everything is crap.”
DavidFarland - 2/6/2015
The adage “Show, don’t tell” is used to beg for more information. Yet I’ve always felt that that advice is . . . imprecise.
DavidFarland - 2/4/2015
When I'm looking at a story, one of the simple things I look at is setting. There are so many aspects to setting, so let’s just look at a few.
DavidFarland - 2/2/2015
The first thing that I seek in a great story is originality. You may not realize it, but the most common problem with stories is that they’re tepid.
DavidFarland - 1/30/2015
One of the most common problems I see with new writers is a “mistake in tone.” You know what I mean if you’ve ever played in a band. A new kid comes in, you’re trying to play a song, and he blats out a sour note on a trumpet. The same thing happens in writing.
DavidFarland - 1/28/2015
Writing clear dialog isn’t hard to do, but many new writers—and some old ones—make some pretty simple mistakes. Here are a few things to be wary of and that you should know.
DavidFarland - 1/26/2015
I’ve often said that there are ten thousand right ways to write a story. Unfortunately, there are a million wrong ways to do so. That’s why I’ve found when editing stories for anthologies or judging contests, about 90% of them don’t make the first cut. Here are some easy ways to avoid getting rejected.
DavidFarland - 1/19/2015
One problem that often occurs is that if you write about multiple protagonists: you’ll find that some of them can “get lost” in the novel.
DavidFarland - 1/15/2015
In your rewrites, take the opportunity to add as many virtues to your work as possible.
DavidFarland - 1/12/2015
Here are some ideas to help you increase your ability to write and to brainstorm.
DavidFarland - 1/9/2015
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how authors can get into a relaxed creative mood that lets them write more, faster, and better.
DavidFarland - 1/6/2015
Last week I got a note from a student who just had a novel accepted by a major publisher. He seemed a little surprised at how easily it had happened, as if he’d happened to enter a horse race and had just taken first place by accident.
But it’s no accident.
DavidFarland - 1/5/2015
Every new writer, and quite a few old ones, is familiar with that sinking feeling that happens when you start a new tale and wonder, “Where do I begin?”
DavidFarland - 12/30/2014
I hate the word “resolute.” Whenever I think of it, I think of soldiers circa 1800, marching resolutely into battle, knowing that they’re going to die. Yet every year I make resolutions anyway.
DavidFarland - 12/29/2014
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