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David Farland's Writing Tips

12 types of obstacles to consider when creating try/fail cycles.
DavidFarland - 4/17/2015
Everyone judges a story's merits differently.
DavidFarland - 4/14/2015
Give your readers what they crave: surprise!
DavidFarland - 4/10/2015
Develop the attitude of an artist to improve your storytelling.
DavidFarland - 4/8/2015
As artists, we need to learn to invest our souls into every piece that we write.
DavidFarland - 4/3/2015
For a novelist, the idea of writing short stories sometimes seems quite difficult. But with a few simple strategies, it can be easy.
DavidFarland - 3/27/2015
How to create resonance in your writing.
DavidFarland - 3/23/2015
How to ensure your words actually mean something.
DavidFarland - 3/20/2015
Discover the two main strategies to hooking a reader.
DavidFarland - 3/13/2015
Will your story make your reader a better person?
DavidFarland - 3/9/2015
Authors must create characters with the dimensions of real people.
DavidFarland - 3/6/2015
Is your work ready for an audience?
DavidFarland - 3/2/2015
The writing world is changing quickly, and that means some things that used to be taboo are now all right.
DavidFarland - 2/27/2015
A plot doesn’t have to be brilliant for a story to work. It just needs to have some basic components
DavidFarland - 2/23/2015
Certain works of fiction are designed to appeal to readers with strong belief systems. For example, most large religions have enough followers so that a few storytellers can become popular enough to make a living writing to people of that denomination.
DavidFarland - 2/16/2015
I’ve begun talking with an attorney. We’re looking at creating a non-profit organization that would simply “insure” authors against plagiarism.
DavidFarland - 2/11/2015
Many new writers don’t know when to stop polishing a manuscript and move on to the next.
DavidFarland - 2/9/2015
The truth is, most art isn’t very good. Theodore Sturgeon once pointed out that “90% of everything is crap.”
DavidFarland - 2/6/2015
The adage “Show, don’t tell” is used to beg for more information. Yet I’ve always felt that that advice is . . . imprecise.
DavidFarland - 2/4/2015
When I'm looking at a story, one of the simple things I look at is setting. There are so many aspects to setting, so let’s just look at a few.
DavidFarland - 2/2/2015
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