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I was rewriting a scene, listening closely to the sound and rhythm of the words in a passage, looking for ways to strengthen it, and it made me wonder: how many new writers take the proper care with their words? How many truly listen?
KamiMMcArthur - 12/19/2014
Sometimes when people look at a writer who produces a lot, they make exclamations like, “Wow, how do you get so much done? You’re amazing! How did you get to be so prolific?”
KamiMMcArthur - 12/17/2014
On the door at my gym, someone hung a sign that says, “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit keeps you going.”
KamiMMcArthur - 12/15/2014
I’ve said before that every story should have an emotional payoff. Yet far too often, I read stories where the payoff is weaker than it should be, or it isn’t there at all.
KamiMMcArthur - 12/12/2014
As a contest judge, I see a lot of stories from beginning writers, and very often the writer seems to be preoccupied with just “writing.”
KamiMMcArthur - 12/10/2014
The most productive writers, I’ve noticed, aren’t necessarily the ones with the most talent or the greatest skills.
KamiMMcArthur - 12/8/2014
Hollywood loves a “reveal.” That’s a moment where a bit of information that has been withheld from the audience is suddenly revealed onscreen.
KamiMMcArthur - 12/5/2014
You may not realize it, but as writers we are all on the same journey.
KamiMMcArthur - 12/3/2014
Many writers will recommend that as you edit your tale, you do a final read-through so that you can see how the story sounds. After all, if you’re going to be doing readings in libraries or at signings, you want to make sure that your tale flows well, that it’s free of typos, and that the dialog sounds natural. But might I suggest something more?
KamiMMcArthur - 12/1/2014
We have some holiday gifts!
KamiMMcArthur - 11/26/2014
KamiMMcArthur - 11/25/2014
Last year I visited the Salt Lake Comic Con. In one panel, I was asked, “Who inspired you to become a writer.” I’ve been asked that question many times before, so I knew the answer, but before I could speak up, I had a realization: More than anyone else, I inspired myself.
KamiMMcArthur - 11/24/2014
8 ways to garner reviews.
KamiMMcArthur - 11/21/2014
If you’re going to base a story around a familiar concept, one that others have used often, you need to really own the idea, twist it in a way that makes it new.
KamiMMcArthur - 11/19/2014
A few times in the past week, people have asked questions such as, “If there were just one thing that I needed to know to become a great writer, what would it be?”
KamiMMcArthur - 11/14/2014
Recently, several people asked me to share my list, the one that I created with story standards that helped me win writing contests.
KamiMMcArthur - 11/13/2014
Dealing with criticism that is just plain wrong.
KamiMMcArthur - 11/7/2014
An author has to take criticism as part of his job. That isn’t always easy. After all, if you get too much criticism, a couple of things happen.
KamiMMcArthur - 11/4/2014
Sometimes you’re not in the mood to write, but you know that you should. Maybe you’ve set a goal and hope to reach it, or you’re on a deadline. Here are a few strategies that you can use to get started.
KamiMMcArthur - 11/3/2014
Every so often, I will be writing along on a tale (often with a new novel), and suddenly find myself “stuck.” I can’t seem to write another word. Most of you know what that’s like.
KamiMMcArthur - 10/30/2014
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