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Runelords Book 9 Nearly Done

Runelords Book 9 Nearly Done
David gives us a quick update on the ninth and final book of the Runelords series
David Farland has been working on the ninth and final book in the Runelords Series, tentatively entitled A TALE OF TALES. In this novel, David ties all of the story lines together and brings the story to an epic conclusion.

He hopes to finish this book in March or early April, and will announce the release date as soon as it is finished.


6:37 PM
Please e-mail me when the ninth book is released
11:46 PM
I am currently re-reading the Runelods Series again. This is the most exciting series I have ever read and I hope to see the new book on the shelves in the near future.
11:39 AM
I hope the mystery of the Days is addressed in the last book. I cant wait to read it!
10:44 AM
Why an epic conclusion ?
i want to read at least nine more after this one..

Yes i've become an david farland junkie ;)

greetings Steve
3:55 PM
The Runelord series will be a classic in my home library for future generations. I don't want an epic conclusion yet-- only if there's a new series around the corner.
5:40 AM
The runelords saga has been by far the best book series I have ever read, when I read the first few chapters of the first book I immediately fell for it. The action is nonstop, the world around the heroes and villains is very detailed, I just love the series, I can't wait until the last book is finished.
10:07 AM
This is way over due!
3:57 PM
When will it be done?
8:57 AM
I'm starting the series over now hoping for the last book to be done soon so i can read it right away.
12:25 PM
Please, release it soon! or just give us some hope!
11:37 AM
Absolutely one of the best fantasy series I've ever read. Can't wait for the next book and the movie!!!!
10:20 AM
Thank goodness. I just noticed two days ago that the local bookstore no longer has any of the Runelords books on the shelf. Had me worried. But come April or May that will change.
5:54 PM
This is by far one of my favorite series ever!! We have a little club of fans at work, we are all obsessed!! We are all eagerly waiting for the next book and then the movie or tv series!!! I am a little worried that there will only be one more book. I feel like there is so much left to go through and to tie everything together, that I feel like there could be several more books. I need more than one book!!! David is such an amazing author, and these books are so good I don't ever want the series to end!!
8:04 PM
Unfortunately, all my books in the series were stolen, found " The Wyrmling Horde" at the local Dollar Tree where I work and bought it IMMEDIATELY, Can't wait until I can find the others in a store so that I may re-acquire them.
Love your novels and hope to find them soon
11:30 PM
I have become hooked on this great fascinating series. Just finished #8. Very excited to read the final installation.
8:36 PM
It's been over a year since your last update. I waited and waited before I read Chaosbound, hoping the next and final installment would be released when I finished it...all to no avail. So is it April or May 2013 or what? I love this series, but I'm suffering here.
2:58 PM
Does anyone have any updated info on the release of TOT, book #9 ? Barnes and Noble is allowing pre-orders for the Audio version with April 1st as the tentative release date.
2:34 PM
When is this f**king book going to be released!? Any news? Any updates? Anything!? How about you show your readership some f**king respect! I am wasting my time attempting to research the release of this book! I have been to Barnes and Noble multiple times and nobody has heard anything! Whoever overseas the publishing of this novel can suck it hard.
2:26 PM
looks like this website must be abandoned. There hasn't been any activity here in a while other than people wanting to know when a tale of tales comes out. Anyway we could be granted some kind of update?
2:02 AM
Read these books a few years back and was drawn into this world. Reading them again now as I spotted them at my brothers. Think book 9 isn't out due to the fact David's son seems to have had a really bad accident, which took me 2 mins of research to find out. Some people leaving these comments should be ashamed of themselves.
10:06 PM
Thank you, jamie. Bunch of selfish bastards. Perhaps they could use an endowment of wit.
8:06 PM
while it is incredibly sad what has happened to his son, it certainly isn't a reason for the series dying off, as it seems. first, the original piece was written in march 2011, with an estimated finish of April or may that same year. secondly, what is listed elsewhere as his latest book, nightingale has a publication date of DEC 2011 according to amazon
1:40 AM
Ashamed of themselves Jamie? All but one of the posts were made before his son was ever injured. Since you were more intelligent than everyone by doing 2 minutes of research to find that out you might have taken 1 extra second to check the dates on the postings before insulting everyone.

I wish your son well David.
4:28 AM
The best series I ever read! I really wish the coming book was not the last! Can't wait for the ninth book!
5:42 AM
I am Currently re-reading ALL of Dave's books now in anticipation of A Tale of Tales! OMWTParidise is an excellent sci-fi to clean the fantasy palate ;)

I am a Dennis McKiernan fan and was told to check out the Runelord series as a buffer between re-readings and was hooked! Now Dave/David Farland/Wolverton with his Runelord and other series, and Dennis McKiernan with his Mithgar, Faery and misc series are by far my favorites...EVER.

My family has Dave's son and family in our thoughts and prayers. I hope all turns out well.

9:45 AM
Any update on when this book will come out?
9:58 AM
Does ANYBODY have any news as to when the new book will come out.
8:15 PM
I got an email from him today and he said he was still working on the book. I hope that means he is almost done. He also said his mother died during the process of writing the book, along with his son's injury. Therefore i understand why the book has had a delay. Hopefully it will be out by the end of the year!
9:01 PM
Better be 10 books. LOL. I waited longer for Chris Tolkien to publish. (I kid, seriously). We need an end (I waited this long so book 10 is fine. Look at Robert Jordan) and a movie. LOL. Sounds like it's getting longer and 10 is a good number. I'd hate it to be cut just because.
9:04 PM
Sorry if I seemed insensitive. I know the issues and it's been a long slog.
5:17 AM
Can't wait for A Tale of Tales! Hope its fimished soon! Big fan!
8:13 PM
I am genuinely aggrevated this isn't done yet.

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